Migrate Large WordPress sites without Downloading Locally

While optimizing client’s websites, I often need to migrate large websites (30+GB) to another server/hosting. There are plenty of WordPress plugins that can do this.

However, most of them require you to download the file locally and upload them to the server, which might take hours to upload and occasionally fails.

Some plugins like All-in-One WP Migration allows you to create backups and store in your favourite cloud storage like Google Drive, S3, Dropbox etc. But for restoring, there is a limit of 512MB or so.

Migrate Guru and WPvivid to resue

Migrate Guru and WPvivid are two reliable plugins that I use to migrate the sites.

Here is what I like about them:

  • Free
  • Works on any large sites
  • No need to download and upload
  • No need to connect separate cloud storage
  • Works in background
  • Fast, server to server migration
  • Works on all hosting providers

Migrate Guru vs WPvivid?

Migrate Guru is built by the well-known company BlogVault. It’s recommended by almost all popular WordPress hosting companies.

From my experience on migrating 100+ sites, I’ve never had a failed migration, 100% success rate! However, one thing that I don’t like about Migrate Guru is that it requires FTP/SFTP details and the correct path to the WordPress directory.

It’s not a big deal to figure it out. But sometimes working with clients who are non-techies, it little difficult to ask for this info, educate them from where it can be obtained, why I need it etc.

Plugins like WPvivid doesn’t require any such info. All it needs is access to wp-admin to both sites. I had a success rate of 95+ with WPvivid. They’re fairly new into this.

Before Migrating

If you’re migrating site from one hosting to another, make sure a temporary WordPress site is created in the new hosting and can be publically accessed.

The domain can be different. You can change it after the migration is complete.

How to migrate using Migrate Guru

Install Migrate Guru in your current site and fill in the details:

FTP/SFTP details are provided by most of the hosting providers. If you can’t find them, ask the support.

If you’re unsure about the ‘Directory Path’, log in via ssh and enter the command pwd in the terminal to see the current path.

The path is also visible in FileZilla as below:

Once you’ve provided the correct info and click migrate, you’ll see something like this:

Sit back and relax, or have coffee!

You can close the tab as Migrate Guru does this in the background (in their servers). Once the migration is complete, you’ll get a confirmation email.

How to migrate using WPvivid

Let’s assume you’re migrating from site A (old hosting) to site B (new hosting).

Install WPvivid and generate key

Install WPvivid in both sites A and B. Go to site B and generate the key.

Transfer and create backup

Go to site A and paste the previous key in ‘Auto-Migration’, click ‘Save’ and then ‘Clone then Transfer’.

This will create a backup of the current site and send it to site B.

Restore backup

Once this process is complete, go to site B. Open WPvivid -> “Backup & Restore” to see the new backup (reload if not visible). Click “Restore”.

The process will take a few secs/mins. Don’t close the window.

Comment below if you’ve any queries or feedback. I read and reply back to each of them within 12 hours!

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