FAQ: WebP Support in WordPress 5.8

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What is WebP?

WebP is an image format just like PNG, JPEG, GIF etc., which provides better compression resulting in a smaller size.

What is WebP support in WordPress v5.8?

Before 5.8, when you try to upload a .webp image, you’ll get an error like this:

Screenshot 2021 07 27 at 7.35.19 PM

From WordPress 5.8 onwards, you can upload .webp images.

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Will WordPress convert my new images to WebP?

No, WordPress won’t convert newly or already uploaded images (jpeg, png, gif etc.) to WebP. It only allows uploading existing WebP images.

Do I need WebP Express or similar plugins from WordPress 5.8?

WebP Express can convert new/existing images to WebP and show fallback images when the browser doesn’t support them.

These are not possible with webp support from WordPress 5.8.

How to convert an image to WebP before uploading?

You can use any “online webp converter” like Squoosh.app.

What about browser support?

As per the data from caniuse.com, WebP is still not supported in Safari and overall supported by 95% of browsers.

So I recommend having a fallback to the original image when WebP is not supported.


How can I change the quality?

By default the quality is 82. You can change it by adding the following code:

// Use a quality setting of 75 for WebP images.
function filter_webp_quality( $quality, $mime_type ) {
  if ( 'image/webp' === $mime_type ) {
     return 75;
  return $quality;
add_filter( 'wp_editor_set_quality', 'filter_webp_quality', 10, 2 );

How can I convert my existing images to WebP?

You can use a WebP image converter plugin like WebP Express or ShortPixel.

You can also use a CDN with an on-the-fly WebP Converter (what I prefer), like:

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