How to Leverage Browser Caching using Cloudflare in WordPress

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If you’ve analyzed your site through Google PageSpeed Insights, you might have seen the error “Serve static assets with an efficient cache policy”.

cache warning google psi

And in GTmetrix “Add Expires headers”

cache headers error

Learn how to fix this browser caching errors using Cloudflare without any plugins.

What is Browser Caching?

Simple, you tell the browser to store some files in the local computer so that next request to the same URL won’t be fetched.

Browser caching works based on response header. For every HTTP request browser sends ‘request headers’ and server respond back with ‘response headers’ and the data.

cache contol header wordpress

Sever specify ‘cache-control’, a response header to tell the browser how long to cache the files (in seconds).

As you can see the cache files are loaded from disk or memory (RAM) instantly.

By implementing Browser caching, you can:

  • Reduce server load
  • Decrease page load time
  • Reduce bandwidth costs

How to Leverage Browser Caching using Cloudflare?

There are plenty of tutorials on setting up browser caching using the .htaccess file or Nginx. But I prefer not to touch them :D. If you’re using Cloudflare you can add expire headers to each request in just two clicks and without any plugins.

Open your Cloudflare site dashboard and go to the ‘Caching’ tab:

cache tab in cloudflare

Scroll down to see ‘Browser Cache Expiration’

browser cache expiration cloudflare

By default, it will be set to 4 hours. Change it to something beyond 2 months and you’re done!

If you use any cache plugins and your URLs have a hash in them like wp-content/cache/min/1/4b3ef90d6.js, then you can safely set it to the maximum, 1 year. Otherwise, if you make some changes to the style.css or similar files, the changes will be visible only after the cache has expired.

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